Round two of 2015 British Championships was held in the North West of England at the popular kite spot of Ainsdale. After 5 years out of the competition scene, I was now finding myself going into the midpoint of the season with two wins, feeling more confident with my riding than what I was in the first two events. That was until we arrived at the beach to be greeted by marginal wind conditions and a beach that hadn’t had a good high tide in over a week. I like to think that as soon as you can get moving on a landboard you can jump however we were all facing a different problem. We all had just about enough power (riding 18m + kites) but the sand was so soft that you could barely ride in a straight line and loading to pop a jump was impossible.

The organisation crew got their decisions spot on and decided that things were not going to happen for the Landboarders in the current arena conditions; having just managed to run the buggy heats we went to search the rest of the beach for a better area. We found a small but compact area and despite very little room for error, all of the Pro riders agreed we could ride here for the competition. My first heat against Will Rose was set up to be a good heat - we both ride well in low wind conditions; Will with his silky smooth skate style tricks, and these conditions suited me perfect for handlepasses - I landed a Slim Chance, Front Blind, Backmobe, S-Mobe and a Shifty 3. A pretty awesome start... I advanced straight into the semi final against Ash Garwood however the wind had given up at this point. We had to wait another day before we could kick things off again and the forecast wasn’t looking the best but sometimes at kite competitions you just have to wait and hope your lucky.

We were so lucky… 11m Flysurfer Boost conditions; I set up and went for a freeride - the beach was much harder after a slightly better tide and all the riders were starting to look a little happier. I know I was looking forward to the competition now.

Against Ash I had to start things off completely different to the previous day. Instead of low handlepasses it was a day for showing what we can do when we are fully lit. I threw down some big upside down grabs/ a Blind Front to Blind, a couple of Board Off variations and my favourite high wind trick that doesn’t involve kitelooping; the double inverts. I unhooked a few times but I was way far too overpowered to land anything worthy of a big score. I scraped through to the final… Ash, the current British Champion had put together an awesome heat though landing some big powerful moves.

For the second time this year I met Kris Beech in the final. We should of both dropped to 9m kites but time wasn’t on our side. Kris is really at home in these conditions and I think we both realised for a change that it wasn’t going to be overpowered handlepasses that was going to win, instead it was going to be whoever could go to biggest and craziest. Kris certainly kept things crazy crashing a massive Kiteloop Backloop early on. This set me up nicely; lending me some time to land a mix of good big air tricks followed by Double Invert early on… I then went on to improve my double by landing a manual into a Double Invert - a trick that seemed to just click mid heat for the first time. I finished the heat off with a powerful Double Back Inverted Kiteloop.

The competition was finally finished and a few of us decided it would be nice to cool off with a kitesurf before results were announced a few hours later. I was thrilled to be announced winner for the third time this year with Kris and Ash taking second and third respectively. The final UK competition is the Pembrey Cup and you can find more information by visiting the website here.