Hunstanton provided excellent conditions for a world class freestyle competitions. With just the one freestyle kitesurf competition booked in for this year and a good forecast, it would of been silly not to attend to watch the action.

The competition kicked off with the senior and amateur categories so I headed out for my own session on my new 10m Flysurfer Cronix! I have not had any riding time on the 10m at all but can quickly say it is close to being my favourite size already! It looped high and powered when the wind came through and behaved perfectly during all my wakestyle and freestyle tricks! My kite even made it into the competition when one of the Pros competitors borrowed my kite after losing their kite mid heat due to a leash snapping. I am pleased to say he landed all his tricks on a kite he had never flown. This was one of the main reasons that I chose to ride this kite, everything just seems so easy on this kite.

After my session I decided to watch the rest of the Pro’s competitions and what a display they put on. From Sam Light landing Crowmobes, Tootsie Rolls and Blind Judge 5s to Tom Bridge landing super high 317s and S-Mobe 5s with the other riders not far behind. This is definitely one event I will continue to attend for many years, I would highly recommend it.

Final Results
1st Sam Light
2nd Tom Bridge
3rd George Dufty