Unlike most riders who ride on both land and water, the winter tends to be my favourite time for kitesurfing as my land kite spot often floods for most of the winter and the strong winds mean it is perfect for big kitesurf megaloop sessions.

The forecast for the weekend was high winds gusting to 35mph so I headed to Brancaster with UK pro rider Kris Beech. When we arrived at the beach there was no chance of kitesurfing as the wind was barely even 10mph. To make the most of the low winds, I had a perfect opportunity to fly my Flysurfer Speed 4 18m and go for my first land kite session of the year.

The good thing about the 18m is that as soon as you are able to get the kite into the sky, you are able to go for tricks straight away. This video shows some low wind riding making the most of a small hard packed area of sand.

Massive thanks to Paul Hartland for shooting and editing the video as he was then leaving the beach at the time I arrived and happily stayed a little longer to shoot some video.