The final round of the KLB European Championships took place on the 25th and 26th of October at Ijmuiderslag in Holland and just like the previous 2014 events it did not disappoint one bit! The best riders from all over Europe travelled down to battle it out for a spot on the podium and the chance to be crowned European Champion!

I travelled down to the event on Friday where I helped judged the end of a very successful series. We were blessed with good conditions all weekend and finished each category and age group with plenty of time left over for some freeriding. I had quite a long time riding and managed to shoot some cool pictures and video footage (to be released soon). Thanks to Nick de Bruijn for the pictures.

Freestyle Junior Landboard

The competition kicked off around 11am each day with the juniors making the most of the lighter conditions on Saturday first. With the level of the juniors quickly rising, it was amazing to see a mixture of wakestyle and old school all mixed together! The perfect combination came from Max Lux who landed some big Handlepasses and smooth Board Off variations with Pascal Schmidt very close behind.

1st Max Lux
2nd Pascal Schmidt
3rd Julian Hein

Freestyle Pro Landboard

With Sunday providing perfect conditions, the riding had gone up another level! From Emmanuel Norman’s massive Handlepasses to Joey Oldenbürger very technical and powerful tricks, it was without a doubt the best Landboard display I have seen in a competition. UK riders Kris Beech, James Tideswell and Will Rose all put on a good show however failed to advance any further than the second round. It was down to Ash Garwood to challenge for the Flymasters title on behalf of the Brits however the level from Joey Oldenbürger and Laurent Guyot was just too high this time. The final heat was without a doubt the hardest judging decision I have ever made with the top spot going to Joey Oldenbürger based on a massive display of new tricks, a powerful style and some very stylish linking up between runs.

1st Joey Oldenbürger
2nd Laurent Guyot
3rd Ash Garwood

Freestyle Buggy

In the Buggy we saw some huge off axis multiple rotations and some very technical riding from all competitors. The final round saw Dave Roberts pulling out all the stops against Dimitri Tourte who has become a master at anything without a seat belt… Maybe not the future of the sport but it was good to see something very different to the style we have become used to.

1st Dave Roberts
2nd Dimitri Tourte
3rd Craig Sparkes

Overall Results

What an impressive tour, this weekend really showed the potential of the sport and I am stoked to be part of the development. Who knows, next year I may come back and compete.

Freestyle Landboard European Champion
1st Laurent Guyot
2nd Ash Garwood
3rd Emmanuel Norman

Freestyle Junior Landboard European Champion
1st Pascal Schmidt
2nd Max Lux
3rd Julian Hein

Freestyle Buggy European Champion
1st Dave Roberts & Craig Sparkes
3rd Guillaume Girard