I am stoked to be joining the most influential team of riders and developers in the land kite scene right now. Having spent the last two years riding as many kites as possible, I was able to search for the most complete kite quiver. I was lucky enough to demo some Flysurfer Cronix kites and was instantly hooked. The Cronix has an unreal amount of performance and the perfect amount of feedback, allowing me to naturally progress my style and give full commitment to trying and landing new tricks.

I am extremely excited to finally be adding a perfect low wind kite to my quiver as well, with the Flysurfer Speed4 Lotus being the perfect choice. I cannot wait to use the hangtime of this kite to its full advantages, having already planned some cool new ideas for my next session. Looking forward to sharing my new adventures on the Flysurfer website and on www.lewiswilby.co.uk.